May 202009

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– The Wilson Pro Staff 360 Golf Set is no longer available from most retailers. We’ve located a newer model at a price comparable to the original set. Click on the links below to see them or just click here!

It was a tough decision turning down this club set when I was shopping for a new set of clubs. The Wilson Pro Staff 360 golf set is one of the few sets that I think is a huge value. Yes, there are better clubs out there…but there is no set, that I can think of, that simply offers the value of this set. If you are interested in buying this golf set, there is a huge sale going on at Amazon here. A $100 off discount.

Wilson Pro Staff 360 Spec Review

  • Shaft made of graphite and steel mix. Making for a very light yet sturdy club when the ball makes contact.
  • Comes with a crap ton of clubs – 1 Driver, 2 Fairway Woods (3,5), Hybrid (17″ and 21″ loft replace traditional #3 and #4 iron), Irons (5,6,7,8,9,Pitching Wedge).
  • The driver has a ridiculous sweet spot. This was the only club I tested. I was truly surprised the amount of energy transfer from the club to the ball.

Only one con about this golf set The one thing that sold me off from this set is that it does not come with a putter. I ended up buying a more expensive set($200 more) just because it came with a putter while the Pro Staff 360. While this set is an extremely good value, if you do not have a putter either consider buying a different golf set, or buy a putter separately. There is also a women’s version they have as well: Wilson Lady Pro Staff 360 Full Set (Standard Length) If you want to buy the Wilson Mens Pro Staff 360 Set, you can get it on sale on Amazon here.

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